1. Burn down fat
  2. Slim down
  3. Control weight
  4. Improve digestive system
  5. Help in digestion of protein
  6. Help in gastrointestinal improvement








Suggest to consume it after first meal


Consume 1 sachet each time


Consume it by taking in 2-3 mouthful every sachets


Kc Ching (Penang)

” Although it costs more, but the result I hope was never a disappointment. I consume daily and consistently which will not bring any side effects to my body. Additionally, I feel more energetic, better skin tone, and healthy expression all the time. This product satisfied me the most ! “

Jennie Yeoh (Sarawak)

” I bought this product because one of my friends recommended it. I had never try this product before. After one month of consuming this product, I can clearly see the result is fascinating. Before I worried about the addiction of the product. I will recommend to my surroundings because of the quality. “

Yong Shi (Perak)

“I got an unhealthy weight due to uncontrol diet but after I took this product. I can clearly see my stomach has flatten, my face became brighter. I got motivated so much compared to the old me.”

Susan Beh (Penang)

“In the early stage, I could find that my weight was under control, and then I was really excited to see the weight drop gradually! The digestive system also improved. I used to be prone to stomach pain, but now I don’t! There will be no discomfort, and I feel very energetic! Now I can walk on the street confidently and no longer worry about the eyes of others! “


Can anyone consume MAC S?

MAC S is made of 100% natural ingredients,but we do not recommend it to pregnant women and children!

What is the best time to consume MAC S?

We recommend you to consume MAC S after breakfast!

Can I consume MAC S after consuming western medicine ?

Yes. MAC S is made of 100% natural ingredients,so there will be no conflict with western medicine. But we recommend you to consume our product one hour after consuming western medicine.

How does MAC S help me to slim down?

MAC S contains Guarana Seed Extract,which improves blood circulation and digestive system and leads to effective energy boost and weight control.

Will long term consuming cause addiction?

Our product is 100% natural, so there will be no addiction on the product!

Will the body feel hot after consuming MAC S?

No!But after consuming MAC S, break down of fats and lipids will take place. Water is needed essentially in the process of metabolism. Remember to drink more water!

How long it takes for the effects to show up?

The effects will show up in one month, but we recommend one treatment period 【three months】to obtain optimum result

This is because:
First month – Naturally adjust your digestive system
Second month – Body slowly absorbs and adapts
Third month – Optimum results can be obtained